1 to 1 Coaching Packages

Nina offers bespoke Leadership & Wellbeing coaching packages uniquely designed for you. With empathy and compassion, she creates a safe and supportive space for you to reflect, explore and move forwards with confidence. She will partner with you to identify what you want, what is holding you back and what you most wish to focus on. Her 3 most popular coaching packages are centred on Leadership & Career, Health & Wellbeing and Relationships (more detail below). However, her approach is holistic and she will tailor her signature coaching packages just for you. 

Leadership & Career

Programmes support clients to:


  • confidently step into leadership positions
  • strengthen leadership, managerial and communication skills
  • clarify their vision, values and purpose 
  • navigate crossroads
  • return to work after maternity leave or a career break
  • transition into a new position
  • confidently communicate what they want and need in the workplace 
  • identify transferable skills and alternative career options
  • prepare for interviews and presentations

Health & Wellbeing

Programmes support clients to:


  • recover from or protect themselves from burnout
  • improve physical wellbeing (including weight loss, improved sleep and increased movement)
  • improve mental wellbeing (using techniques to support with managing overthinking, ruminating, anxiety and stress)
  • manage the impact of significant life events
  • improve time and energy management
  • process uncomfortable emotions: learning to identify, listen to and release emotions


Programmes support clients to:

  • communicate effectively with important people in their lives (e.g. partner, children, family, friends, coworkers, etc.)
  • identify and state needs clearly and confidently
  • identify and communicate boundaries
  • reconnect with their sense of self
  • manage significant life events such as break-ups and divorce




What to expect


  1. Start the journey with your free 60 min call. This is a no obligation opportunity for you to explore what you want, what is holding you back and if coaching is right for you. If you decide you’d like to move forwards, Nina will partner with you to explore the area you wish to focus on  
  2. Choose a bespoke 4, 6 or 12 session programme which will be designed just for you
  3. Receive your coaching package and welcome gift
  4. Book your first coaching call
  5. Get individualised support throughout your coaching journey
  6. Celebrate the changes you have made



We deliver tailor-made Leadership & Wellbeing workshops to organisations and companies, including:


  • Signature Women’s Empowerment Workshop 
  • Transitions and managing change
  • Your personal brand
  • Defining your mission & vision
  • Lead with confidence
  • Time & energy management

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