About Nina….

Hi, I’m a certified Women’s Leadership & Wellbeing Coach and am driven by effecting positive social change and empowering girls and women. I specialise in coaching purpose-led women leaders and emerging leaders.

I am also a trained lawyer with executive leadership and team management experience and draw inspiration from feminist leadership principles.  

As a mother to two daughters, I also have personal experience of the pressures on working mothers and many professional women.

I coach in English or French and create an empathetic and supportive space for clients to find clarity,  increase their confidence and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Experience & credentials….

I have helped my clients:

  • confidently step into leadership positions
  • strengthen their leadership, managerial and communication skills
  • clarify their vision, values and purpose
  • successfully interview for new roles and obtain promotions
  • transition careers
  • improve time management, productivity and work/life balance
  • navigate significant change

I have provided support to clients recovering from burnout, and to women returning to work after maternity or other extended leave.

I am also a lawyer and have worked in the nonprofit and international charity sector for over ten years. I have led teams of lawyers and volunteers and served as an executive leader.

My work in women’s empowerment began in a nonprofit organisation over ten years ago, where I supported and represented domestic violence survivors in their family law proceedings. I was inspired by my clients’ strength and the transformation they created for themselves and their children, albeit through particularly challenging times.

Qualifications and certifications

  • Qualified Lawyer (Admitted to the New York State Bar and California State Bar)
  • Health & Life Coach (Health Coach Institute)
  • Certified Women’s Coach (One of Many)
  • Voice Dialogue Facilitator (Life Training Insitute)
  • Trauma Informed, Trauma Aware (Dr Susanna Petche)

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